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In The Garden This Week

Some stormy weather may be ahead for Sydney and Brisbane this weekend.

A relief for some of our gardens still thirsty after that long dry period during September and October, time to get mulching and make the most of the showers.


Mock Orange flower, Philadelphus


Member Question:

Q: Hi Guys, can you please help me ID this flower? (Below). A home in my street have a couple of these in their front garden and I have been admiring them for a while. Can you tell me what they are and where I would be able to buy them from? I haven't seen them. Many thanks

A. It’s Blushing Pink Iceberg rose, a sport of the popular Iceberg, with pale blushing pink flowers & an exquisite pink blush, painted as if by hand. Occasional flushes of white blooms during the summer or when flowers are forming in hot weather add to its charm. Legendary disease resistance. Comes as a standard lollipop or shrub form.

Height 135cm, flower size 90mm in multiple sprays. Available from Swane's Nurseries, Green E Roses, Treloar Roses


Blushing Pink Iceberg rose


A common inquiry this week

How does one control the dreaded Bronze Orange Bug, better known as the STINK BUG? Beautiful to look at but the damage they cause can be severe.

Solution: It is best to start your pest management program in early spring while bugs are young. Spray products such as Eco-oil fortnightly to provide an organic defense. Apply good coverage to leaves including their undersides.

If infestation has already begun, or indeed taken hold, spraying with an insecticide is probably unavoidable. Use a naturally based insecticide with natural ingredients including Pyrethrum, like Richgro Beat-a-bug, or Yates Nature's Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray, which is the only spray registered with the APVMA for home garden control of Bronze Orange Bug on edible citrus. Use as a contact spray to knock them down, then treat the foliage with a horticultural soap to deal with the eggs left behind. Insecticides containing Imidacliprid, such as Confidor, will be effective. But the unintended consequences on beneficial insects, like bees, will also be severe. Resist the urge to use Imidacliprid insecticides when citrus are in flower, and never on edible fruit.

Check out the full article here, Bugwatch-Bronze Orange Bug


The dreaded Stink-bug (AKA Bronze Orange Bug). Photo - Linda Ross


What's on

Cake and Cutting day today!!

The wait's over, it's PLANT SWAP DAY!!! Our fun Cake and Cutting Members' Day is on today, Saturday November 18. Today is the day where we catch up, swap cuttings, chat and eat cake! We're running a workshop on propagation techniques through the day to help you make the most of what you swap. Bring planty cuttings and/or home-baked cake - all Garden Clinic Club members are invited! THIS SATURDAY 18th Nov. 10am - 12pm, GC Clubhouse, 83 Beecroft Road, Beecroft NSW. 3 hour free parking in the newly opened Woolies' car park on Hannah St.


It's garden swap meet time! Photo - Robin Powell



Watch out for the lawn grubs

Keep an eye out for invaders in your lawn to keep it in tiptop condition this summer. A cooling green swathe of luxurious green is the kind of lawn we all want, but our dreams can be destroyed by the arrival of explosive populations of lawn pests like beetles, grubs and worms. Typically you notice the damage before you see the pest. Most of them either live under ground or hide in the thatch of your lawn - well away from the eyes of predators. A bucket of warm, soapy water works a treat in bringing them up to the surface for identification. You may be surprised at the variety of critters this process can raise, but remember that it is only with population explosions in these pests that serious problems result.

For Black Beetle use Professor Mac’s 3in1 as an organic control or Munn’s Lawn Grub Killer. This product can also be used to control ants, earwigs, Millipedes, Mole Crickets, Slaters, and Corbie in lawn and gardens.

For Curl Grubs Control with Confidor Hose on Lawn insecticide; an easy solution that connects to your hose and can treat about 150 square meters of lawn.

For Armyworm Control with Success or Professor Mac’s 3in1 as an organic control or Munn’s Lawn Grub Killer or Richgrow Bug Killa. Spray or dust the lawn with Success in the late afternoon just before they emerge to feed.


Watch out for lawn pests ahead of summer like this curl grub. Photo - Matthew Carroll


On the Road

Fiesta in Mexico and Cuba

What a hoot! we had a fantastic tour of Mexico and Cuba last month and we'll be blogging about some of the places we visited over the next few weeks, starting with Dan's blog on the stunning Valle de Viñales in the Pinar Del Rio region of Cuba.

Check out Dan's Viñales blog here.


Giant limestone Mogotes tower over the Valley of Viñales, Cuba


Farewell to the last 2017 tours, Victoria and Japan in Autumn

The 2017 tours season is drawing to a close. It has been a jam-packed year with new destinations like Mexico, Cuba, Scotland & Wales, as well as old favourites - Japan, England and the Chelsea Flower Show.

Of course Graham is in Japan right now enjoying the autumn colour and the Japanese hospitality they are world-famous for.

Graham will be calling in tomorrow to talk about Japan in Autumn and why it's fast becoming his favourite time of year to be in the country. Don't forget to tune in to 2GB for the Garden Clinic tomorrow from 6am.


Chrysanthemum display at Kenrokuen, Kanazawa. Photo - cowardlion/