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In The Vegetable Patch: Manage Tomatoes

Trim lower leaves of tomato plants

It will help prevent disease spreading in mud splash.


Trim the lower leaves off to help prevent disease.


Tall tomato plants should be tied to a firm strong stake. Our plants have just reached maximum height so we have pruned the tops off. You can bend them down, remove the leaves and allow them to grow back up. Flowers will keep coming from the leaf axils of new growth (the angle between the upper side of a leaf or stem and the stem or branch that supports it).


Plant sweetcorn

Plant or sow seed once your soil is warm enough, ideally 20 degrees Celsius. Sow direct in blocks rather than rows. Aim for 8 x 8 plants and space seeds 40cm apart. If space allows for successional planting you can plant a block every two weeks. Allow between 80 to 120 days from seed sowing to harvest. Sweet corn will grow to 2-3m. Place a glass jar over the tender young seedlings for protection. Once they get to 30cm you can ‘hill’ the soil against the stems to encourage strong growth.

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