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OCP Magic Mix Pack

Don’t have much spare time but still want your garden to look its best? Kick Start your garden with this Magic Mix.

274.00 value for ONLY ....



That's a huge saving of over $174! 


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Magic Mix will prevent pests and diseases from harming your plants, nourish your garden, strengthen the cell walls of each plant and feed. All you need now is a whizz bang sprayer and you’re well on your way to a happy and thriving garden.

The Magic Mix recipe was borrowed from Honeysuckle Nursery in Mosman who have been using it for years. At a Garden Clinic Class held in the nursery we wondered out loud why all their plants were leaping off the shelves, dazzling with health and vitality, their leaves shiny and glossy! It’s our Magic Mix they replied! We were amazed and have been spraying our garden ever since. In the Magic Mix Pack today we have all the ingredients you need to make up the spray. Eco aminogrow, Eco oil, Eco neem and Eco seaweed. Plus all the ongoing benefits of a Platinum Garden Clinic Membership – garden class, 7 day Helpine and that beautiful magazine.


Here's how it breaks down

1 year Platinum membership to the Garden Clinic including;

4 issues of the Garden Clinic Journal - $40.00

7 days per week access to Expert Helpline - $50.00

1 Garden Clinic class or workshop - $65.00




OCP Eco Oil 250ml - $ 14.95

OCP Eco Seaweed Concentrate 100ml - $ 17.40

OCP Eco Aminogro 500ml - $ 15.10

OCP Eco Neem 100ml - $ 21.85

Delivery by courier - $30.00


Total value $274.00

2020 sale price $99.95

You save $174.05!


This offer is strictly limited, so join now




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