Blog Swagman Sprayer now available at the Garden Clinic Shop

Swagman Sprayer now available at the Garden Clinic Shop

What?! A battery operated sprayer that works with the click of a button.

Yes please – we’ve been looking for a good quality, lightweight, garden sprayer everywhere - and we've found it!

We’ve joined forces with Swagman Sprayers to create a reliable 8 Litre rechargeable battery operated Sprayer so you never have to pump spray again and the garden will love you for it.


You can use it to mix up the Eco-Magic Mix we shared with you last summer. This mix is a brilliant preventative spray for pests and diseases plus foliar feed for your entire garden. It will also easily manage spraying roses, citrus and vegies to get the quickest and most noticeable results.


Keep your garden growing strong and looking beautiful with the 8L Swagman Sprayer. It's a super-handy, light and battery-powered Sprayer that won't break your back or your bank!

Spraying made effortless, efficient & accurate. Impressive performance - no sweat. You’ll never have to pump spray again!


Buy one now!     




  • 8L liquid capacity sprayer reserviour powered by a fully enclosed and sealed rechargeable 6volt 4.5 AH battery. 

  • Compact mini diaphragm 6 volt pump unit, light weight but with high pressure of 55 PSI (4 Bar).  

  • Robust unit that will spray continuously for 1.5 hours on a single charge.  

  • Maintains constant uniform spray patterns. Continuous spraying or stop/start control. Adjustable nozzle for fine spraying or spotting.  

  • Swagman’s triple liquid screen prevents pump damage & clogging. The filters are easily removed for service and cleaning.  

  • Extra-large fill opening for easier filling and cleaning.  

  • Includes Spare Parts Kit containing O rings, filter, fuse, fittings, and Battery charger 

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