Twenty years of stories: we’re not sure how it happened, but Graham has been there since Episode 1 of Better Homes and Gardens TV on Channel 7. 700+ episodes later he hasn’t aged a bit! He stills loves talking about gardening with Australian families and gets them growing every Friday night. His hugely popular segment is filmed in his own Veggie Patch where his grandchildren are always sneaking in to eat his peas or strawberries, depending on the season.

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Where do the six hours of gardening talkback go every weekend? We just don’t know! Time flies when you're having fun, and we have plenty of that when we talk about the week's dramas, issues affecting gardeners, and meet inspiring folk from all around the world. There’s a multitude of reasons why this radio show has been Number 1 for ten years. 

In Sydney, tune in to the AM dial 873, or follow this link

In Brisbane, tune in to the AM dial 1116, or follow this link