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David Glenn's Dry Garden, Lambley Nursery


I just love this beautiful collection of tough, dry-tolerant perennials that grows in the Dry Garden at David Glen’s Lambley Nursery in Victoria. 

It's just spectacular at the end of summer and into autumn.

The plants all like the same tough, dry conditions and a soft, blue-grey theme gives this garden harmony, though part of its appeal is the dark green background hedge that accentuates the forms and colours.


Summer stunners - agapanthus, sedum 'Matrona', euphorbia with hints of Mexican Yucca. Photo - Lambley Nursery


On show in the Dry Garden

The impressive succulent, Beschorneria yuccoides (False Red Agave). Tough, drought-hardy and handsome, its rosettes of pewter-grey, soft leaves give a strong structure to the garden. 

The flattened yellow heads of Achillea ‘Coronation Gold’, a fabulous yellow yarrow with well-behaved mounds of silver-grey foliage. Also intensely silver is the artemesia and tall grey spires of acanthus (Oyster Plant).

Deep blue spikes of Salvia ‘Tanzarin’, a lovely salvia that grows to 80cms and flowers twice if you prune the stems after its first flowering, and blue-grey rosettes of Aloe glauca, another tough succulent with spiky reddish-brown teeth to the leaf margin.

This is an extraordinarily beautiful garden, because of the interesting plant forms, colours and textures. It reminds me that should all plant our gardens intensely like this one, so there is no bare earth and plants jostle for space.


Text: Sandra Ross

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