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Fragrant White Climbers


Plant a collection of white-flowering fragrant climbers that will follow each other on show, ensuring that you are never without the delicate scent of something to look forward to.


Chinese Star jasmine 

Plant name: Tracheospermum jasminoidies 

Description: Evergreen climber with glossy deep green leaves and perfumed white star flowers in late spring. Grows on wires, clipped into topiary, or trained over a fence. Trim to shape after flowering. 

Size: Height 2m x width 1m 

Special comments: Flowers Oct – Dec. Look out for the variegated leaf form with a cream splash through leaf and same white flowers; T. tricolour good groundcover with pink splash in leaf, T. asiaticum better groundcover than climber with similar flowers and foliage.


Photo - alybaba/

Wonga wonga vine

Plant name: Pandorea pandoreana ‘ Snow Bells’ 

Description: A native evergreen climber with masses of white fragrant bells in Aug – Oct (3 week flowering period). Prune to maintain shape. Rampant climber. 

Size: Height 3m x width 1m 

Special comments: Train the twining stems during the early growth stage to maintain a dense climber. P. jasminoides ‘Alba’ good for subtropical zones.


Photo - Linda Ross


Madagascan Jasmine 

Plant name: Stephanotis floribunda 

Description: Evergreen climber with fragrant ivory trumpet flowers and leathery leaves. Weave light tendrils through fences, over arbours and up garden supports. Subdued climber. 

Size: Height 2m x width 0.3m 

Special comments: Flowers from Nov – Feb. Prune off avocado shaped fruit to keep vigour, allow one to ripen if you wish to collect and propagate seed.



Photo - Linda Ross


Chilean Jasmine

Plant name: Mandevilla laxa 

Description: Evergreen climber for part shade with gardenia-like, perfumed white trumpet flowers in summer and autumn. Heart-shaped leaves. Slightly rampant climber. 

Size: Height 3m x width 1m 

Special comments: Will become deciduous in cold climates only. Prune heavily in late winter to control size and encourage new growth. Trim early to encourage good habit and branching. It makes a wonderful climber over garden archway, veranda, pergola and wall.


Photo - Linda Ross




Text: Linda Ross 

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