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How to: grow a salad bowl


Photo - Colin Barlow

Eden, Isla and Skye amazed their school friends when they took their own salad greens for lunch. Lettuce show you how easy it is!

What to do

Ask an adult to take you to your local garden centre or nursery so you can buy a few punnets of different types of lettuce seedlings. We used Cos, Oakleaf, Mignonette red, Revolution and Frizzmo lettuce.

Find or buy a large pot. The new plastic ones are good because they are easy to move around.

Fill the pot with premium quality potting mix. (Get the help of an adult to pour the potting mix: the bags can be very heavy!)

Carefully remove each seedling from its punnet and arrange the seedlings 5-10 centimetres apart in the pot.

With your finger make a hole, pop the little lettuce seedling in and then gently firm the seedlings in.

Gently tap the pot to remove any air pockets in the soil.

Water in your seedlings with a seaweed solution.

Make sure you water your lettuce every day when they are small and then every few days as they grow.

Every two weeks water your seedlings with a liquid fish and seaweed solution.

When harvesting the lettuce take a few leaves from the outside of the plants so that you can enjoy your own home grown salad in your sandwiches for a long time. Your friends at school will be amazed, ours were! 


Text: Isla Barlow

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