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How to: plant a deciduous tree

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Never grown a deciduous fruit tree? Now’s the time! 

Whether you choose a fig, peach, apple, nectarine, pear, apricot or cherry, the planting method is the same. 

Dig a good-sized hole in the position you have selected. It will be in compost-enriched soil, somewhere sunny, with enough room for the tree to grow. Take the root ball out of its wrap. Position the tree in the hole, ensuring the graft union is well above the soil level. The soil stain on the trunk is a good indicator of this level. Backfill with soil and create a shallow well around the tree to capture water and run off. 

See link for tips on caring for deciduous fruit trees in winter.

Your local nursery will be able to offer the best advice about the fruit choices most suited to your climate and conditions.

Text: Linda Ross

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