How to grow Techniques How to: take cuttings

How to: take cuttings

When you have an hour, take cuttings of favourite plants. 

Softwood or semi-hardwood cuttings will grow readily while the weather is warm. 

Take cuttings in the early morning. Remove most of the leaves, leaving just a few at the top. Dip cuttings in a rooting hormone powder or gel, and place into a mix of sharp sand and potting mix, or use seed raising mix. Six cuttings can be placed into a 150mm pot. Place the pot in a sheltered spot, out of direct sunlight, and ensure it doesn’t dry out. A plastic cover over the top will help keep in the moisture. The cuttings will develop roots in about six week and can then be moved into the garden or a larger pot.


Grevillea cuttings. Photo - Andrew Lehmann


Text: Libby Cameron

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Gary Boylett commented on 06 Jun 15

I have a lemon and orange tree in the back yard and they been there for 30 years ,my mother just passed away and the house is to be sold and I would love to take a cutting of both with me when I move to the central coast .is now a good time to take a cutting as both trees have fruit on them ,and how can I guarantee that the cuttings will grow roots ?

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