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How to: shade veg


With the sun beating down on summer vegetables, plants can get a little hot under the collar and some will be in desperate need of 30+ protection. 

Here are some strategies we use to protect our vegetables from sunburn. 

Tomato fruit

40C+ days cause fruit to blister and scorch. Protect developing fruit with muslin strung to tomato stakes or a framework. If that’s not an option for you, a beach umbrella will do the trick if it’s anchored securely.



Leafy greens

Getting leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach to grow through the summer months is an uphill battle as they are prone to bolt to seed in the heat before developing a good heart. Avoid this by choosing a shadier patch for these vegetables during summer (under a tree is perfect). Or build a bamboo structure and string up bamboo fencing above the crops to give them eveppled light. Ensure the western side is more thoroughly screened to protect from hot afternoon sun.




Carrots need a moist, shaded seed bed to germinate and thus find summer days difficult. Prevent this by placing curved perennial supports along an individual row and pegging up muslin or shade cloth. We sow carrots every eight weeks for a constant supply.


Text: Linda Ross

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