How to grow It's time to: July

It's time to: July


Blood and bone or pelletised manure should be thrown around the whole garden - even around natives - preferably when it’s raining.


It’s rose pruning time. Shorten stems by one third, thin out the centre, and completely remove weak stems and spindly growth. Don’t prune climbing roses until after flowering.

Prune newly planted roses by shortening all shoots back to within 3-4 buds of the base. Remove weak stems entirely.

The rule of thumb for pruning is to prune a shrub directly after flowering. If you miss the date, wait until after next year’s flowering.

Lift and divide 

Lift and divide summer-flowering perennials such as daylilies and agapanthus if you have ignored them for three years or more.


Germinate heirloom tomatoes from seeds on the windowsill. By September the seedlings will be ready for planting out.


Harvest lemons and oranges.


Now is the time to plant natives; as a rule smaller plants establish more readily. Water regularly through the first year and mulch well.


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