How to grow It's time to: November

It's time to: November


Jacaranda flowers. Photo -  Miwa in oz /


Mulch garden beds thickly to keep moisture in and weeds out over summer. Make sure the soil is moist when you lay the mulch.


Check for pesky azalea pests – lace bug, red spider and thrips. Thoroughly spray with the hose under the leaves to discourage them, as they do like dry conditions. A Confidor tablet planted in the soil will keep them at bay.

Take action against snails and slugs. Sprinkle Multiguard pellets around vulnerable plants, entice them to drown in saucers of beer, or drop them into a bucket of salty water on a damp evening when they are out in force.


Plant out dahlia tubers, and use stakes to keep them upright as they grow.


Prune climbing roses that flower once a year in spring. Cut back laterals to a few healthy ‘eyes’ and remove old canes at the base to allow new growth.


Repot orchids if they have become overcrowded. Use a sharp knife to divide the plants and to cut out any soft old pseudobulbs. Repot into clean containers with fresh orchid mix.

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