How to grow Plants Japanese Windflower

Japanese Windflower

Photo - Libby Cameron

Japanese windflower, Anemone hupehensis

Description: this is one of the loveliest autumn perennials, with open single or double flowers standing tall on long stems, gently waving in the breeze and giving a woodland look to the garden. The flowers may be white, or one of many shades of pink. They grow best in a semi-shaded spot in the garden, such as under trees.

Size: 1.2m high x 1m wide.

Cultivation: grow windflowers in soil that is fertile and moist, with plenty of added organic matter. Apply some liquid fertiliser in late summer when buds are forming. When flowers are spent, cut the stems right back to the base, leaving a low rosette of leaves. It can take a year for new plants to establish, as they resent root disturbance.

Special comments: although they are called windflowers, they need to be sheltered as strong winds will damage the tall flowering stems. 


Text: Libby Cameron

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