How to grow July jobs

July jobs

Now is the best time to plant deciduous trees and shrubs.

They’re available as bare-rooted specimens at your local garden centre or nursery. Before planting, improve garden beds or planting spots by mixing in plenty of compost and aged manure. When you get the plants home, remove the plastic from around the roots and soak roots in a seaweed solution for at least two-hours before planting.



Not the most exciting job, but it’s a good time of the year to maintain outdoor furniture. Wash down tables and chairs, throw out broken or rotted pieces, and spray any cracks in metal furniture to prevent rust.

Prune hybrid tea roses back hard. You can cut them back at least two-thirds of their original height, removing criss-crossing canes, spindly growth, and diseased stems. Ensure you cut just above a bud on the outside of the stem. Spray with Lime Sulfur to help control any over-wintering pests and diseases.

Asparagus and rhubarb crowns should go in now. Enrich the soil with plenty of organic matter prior to planting. See Graham’s Tips on page XX.

Enjoy a perfume-packed winter by including these fragrant shrubs in your garden: Osmanthus fragrans, daphne, boronias or wintersweet (Chimonanthus praecox).

Lift and divide agapanthus, chrysanthemum, lambs’ ear, ornamental grasses, salvia and shasta daisy. It’s a good time to refresh the soil too, so add blood and bone and well-aged manure and water in well.

Looking for an indoor activity? Why not try your hand at growing hydroponic herbs – Mr Fothergills has a great starter kit.

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