How to grow Plants Camellia reticulata favourites

Camellia reticulata favourites


Our favourite Camelia reticulata.

Red Crystal

This dazzling red camellia is New Zealand’s gift to the camellia world. It’s a cross between C.reticulata ‘Crimson Robe’ and C. japonica ‘Wildfire’. Velvety orange-red petals open to 14cm to reveal gold stamens. Flowers mid-season.

Photo - Linda Ross 

Valentine’s Day

Is this the most perfect reticulata ever? It’s loved for its rosy-red formal double flower and rosebud centre. It was created in 1958 and is a strong grower, happiest in semi-shade.

Photo - Linda Ross 


Dr Clifford Parkes

This hybrid was developed by Dr. Clifford Parkes at his Los Angeles arboretum in 1971. It is a large semi-double, with both loose peony and full peony forms on the same tree. Flowers are a brilliant flame-red, mid-season.

Photo - Linda Ross 


Ellie’s Girl

Bred by Mrs Bess Chambers in Pymble, Sydney in 1994, this is a beautiful formal double fuchsia-pink form with eight layers of petals. Flowers mid to late in the season. The tree is a fast, upright grower.

Photo - Linda Ross 


Francie L.

A hybrid created in 1964 at Nuccio Nursery in California. It has a tall leggy habit, with large semi-double rose-pink blooms, and rather narrow foliage. Flowers late in the season, with blooms lasting through spring.

Photo - Linda Ross 


Valley M. Knudson

A favourite in Graham and Sandra’s garden, this camellia carries profuse numbers of bright, orchid-pink flowers on a shapely small tree. It was bred by Howard Asper in 1958, and has the same parentage as ‘Valentine’s Day’.

Photo - Linda Ross 


Text: Linda Ross

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Annie Macken commented on 31 Jul 15

Hi Linda,
I live in Sydney and am trying to get another Valley Knudsen Camellia. I have one which is sensational and have bought more from Camellia Grove, only about a foot high, none of which have survived. I have not tried Camellia Grove again yet as I have spent already quite a lot money unsuccessfully! I found your website by searching the internet and discarding American nurseries! I am a subscriber and keen follower of Better Homes but have never been in touch before. And, I am obviously a little potty about my garden so i am hoping you may be able to help with this one ...
Thank you for your time, and years of experience,all very much appreciated, Annie Macken

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