How to grow Plants Japanese Maple

Japanese Maple

Red spring foliage of the Weeping Japanese Maple. Bottom right. Windyridge Garden, Mt Wilson. Photo - Chris L. Jones


Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum)

Description: Japanese maples seem to have a sense of humility. Their weeping stature contrasts with the proud, erect trees around them. In autumn, however, their foliage demands attention and they no longer look so humble.

Size: if you want one in your garden, choose one in autumn, when you can choose a colour to suit. The display ranges from cabernet reds to sunny yellows, in sizes from dwarf to 20m.

Cultivation: Japanese maples are happy in pots or garden beds. Well-drained soil, rich in organic matter, and a regular water supply, will keep the humble maple looking glorious.

Special comments: wind and full sun are the enemy of the maple, so choose a protected spot.


Text: Ally Jackson

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