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Paper Daisies: Perennials

Bracteantha bracteata Photo - Linda Ross

Paper Daisy, Bracteantha (Xerochrysum)

Perennial everlasting daisies flower for more than 2 years and are the pick of the bunch for bushy native daisies. Breeders have increased their compactness, profusion of flowers and ability to thrive in hot and dry weather.


Description Paper daisies come in white, pink, red, orange, gold and bronze. These perennial and long-lasting daisies offer plenty of bang for their buck. Thick papery petals are perpetually on the shrubs and the pollen fillen centres are constant food for bees. We love Bracteantha bracteata ‘Golden Everlasting’, ‘Diamond Head’, ’Dargan Hill Monach’  and ‘Golden Bowerbird’. ‘Sundaze Totally Yellow’ has sunshine-yellow papery petals curving back to reveal bright golden-yellow central stamens.

Size: Will grow into rounded shrubs between 80 - 100cm 

Special comments: Find a full sun spot. Hill up the soil into a mound before planting to increase the drainage. Feed with a native plant food during spring and summer. Use cut flowers fresh or dried. Plants can self seed if conditions are right. 


Bracteantha'Diamond Head' Photo - Linda Ross 


Text: Linda Ross

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