How to grow What to do this month: May

What to do this month: May

Get inspired this month with these seasonal jobs


Cymbidium orchid


The secret is getting cymbidium orchids to flower again is to move them to a sunny spot now. Also, feed regularly with Strike Back for Orchids – it’s organic-based and chemically boosted, and specifically formulated to enhance orchid growth and development.

If you notice raised bumps or dots on leaves or along the stem of your citrus, it’s likely to be scale. These sap-sucking pests are protected by hard-shelled armour that can only be effectively controlled with horticultural oils. For scale on citrus, edibles or ornamental plants, treat with Nature’s Way Citrus & Ornamental Spray.

Browse through online catalogues and get your orders in for bare-rooted roses or fruit trees. Prepare planting beds with compost and aged manures so they will be ready to go in once they arrive.

Set up a tepee tunnel, vertical trellis or similar to help support sweet peas. Use thin bamboo stakes and add chicken wire in between to help maximise the hold.

Continue to rake up fallen leaves to add to the compost pile. If you have too much brown matter, consider starting a cold compost just for leaf mould or run them over with the lawn mower and add the shredded waste direct to garden beds.

Prevent slips and trips by spraying moss on pathways with Slasher Organic Weed Killer. It can also be used to spray weeds in lawns and garden beds.

Spoil mum this Mother’s Day with a potted chrysanthemum, moth orchid or cyclamen. Don’t forget to team it up with a liquid fertiliser so she can continue to prolong and enjoy the display. If she’s more of a fruit tree gal, why not try a dwarf citrus, apple or nectarine?

Add colour to the vegie patch by planting dwarf marigolds, calendulas or Iceland poppies. They will help attract beneficial insects, too.


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