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Avenue of Trees


Can you please suggest a suitable tree for our long driveway? I’d like an autumn foliage tree, if possible. Everyone is planting ornamental pears, but I sense you’re worried about them long term.

Annabel, Mittagong, NSW


I am concerned about ornamental pears long term. Recently a friend’s beautiful 18-year-old pyrus split during a light storm, ruining the tree completely and ultimately, it had to be removed. Flemings Nursery have released two new Nyssa trees, both with luminous, fiery-red autumnal foliage. Nyssa ‘Firestarter’ grows to 10-11m tall and 5-6m wide, while Nyssa Afterburner’ is a little wider in habit. Both grow into upright trees with a symmetrical habit. Try Nyssa ‘Firestarter’, at

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