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Bountiful bougainvillea



As per my discussion with you via the phone last Friday, you indicated you were most interested to see our bougainvillea flourishing in the middle of winter. Normally, at this time of the year (winter) we would be pruning it back to a controlled level. My wife and I are keen gardeners and very much enjoy the beauty of this fiveyear-old bougainvillea. It has never bloomed like this previously in the middle of winter. I tend to it regularly with the rest of my garden, feeding it fortnightly with Seasol and monthly applications of Harvest and Sudden Impact. We also use Whoflungdung mulch and water regularly. We have never seen this before with any of our bougainvilleas that we’ve grown for the past 36 years. A few weeks ago, my wife and I recently lost a dearly loved brother in our family; he so enjoyed our garden. We feel his spirit is very much alive in this bougainvillea. Thank you for your continued support and your offer to share it with the Garden Clinic members.

Peter & Anne, Tennyson, NSW


Congratulations, a winter flowering bougainvillea like yours is a rarity in these areas. The north-facing fence, your feeding regime along with your normal regular pruning has combined to create a magical sight. A real inspiration for other members. I’m sure your late brother would also be impressed.

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