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Autumn 2014 Issue

Autumn 2014 Issue

What's inside?

As I’m writing this letter a cyclone is threatening Queensland, and a whole swathe of southern Australia is under a heatwave and in the middle of a fire threat. So thank goodness for
autumn and what I hope is some quieter weather! Autumn is a favourite time in the garden. The milder weather just demands that you get out into the garden, and there is plenty to get stuck into when you do. We’ll be changing over our vegetable patch from the summer menu to our winter plan, emptying the compost bins and putting in new plants and plenty of bulbs.

In the journal this issue, we’ve got our usual line-up of inspiring stores, great people to meet, and practical tips and know-how earned through our hard-won experience. Linda tells how to grow figs and beetroot, we have rose-growing tips from the great master Walter Duncan, and inspirational ideas from Japanese gardens, and from those clever people who showed at Chelsea’s 100th anniversary celebration last year.

Don’t forget to put Melbourne’s great International Flower and Garden Show in your calendar. It’s on from 26-30 March. I’ll be speaking on both Saturday and Sunday in the Exhibition Hall so please come and say hello.

And as always, keep in touch – we love hearing from you, whether it’s by mail, by phone on the email or on the Garden Clinic Facebook page. It’s great to hear what you’re doing and what you think.