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Autumn 2017 Issue

Autumn 2017 Issue
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Whats inside?

Welcome to our Autumn issue, 2017.

A garden means many things and is an enjoyment as varied as the people who create them.

Recently I've appreciated our garden even more as it has become a n oasis for reflection at the passing of several close friends, one my closest school friend.

Jeff was a keen gardener and even though we ’ d only caught up once in 45 years - at a recent garden show - that meeting showed our friendship was just as fresh as it had been at school. Jeff had watched me on TV and listened to m e on the radio so, from his perspective, we had aged together as friends .

People , like favourite plants, stay with you forever once you appreciate their qualities. Gardening and plants are such precious things - only eclipsed by the friends you make on life's journey. One thing I am really proud of about our Garden Clinic Club is how it brings people with a shared interest together.

In our Journal this issue we bring friends together and introduce new pl ants and some old favourites. You ’ ll meet some Australian and international gardeners and see their creations. We also offer inspiration for the kitchen, direct from our own kitchen garden and because gardening can be a battle-ground we also look at controlling weeds and solving camellia problems.

But once you’ve got the garden organised I urge you to sit down and take some time to reflect both on what the garden and its plants mean to you, and on y our friends and what they’ve given to you through life.


Good gardening and go safely,