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Summer 2015 Issue

Summer 2015 Issue

What's inside?

Gardening means different things to different people: a link between the vegetable plot and the kitchen; a chance to look over the fence at someone else's creation; or maybe a
ticket to go garden travelling. It's up to you, all of equal importance, that’s the joy of it all. So this issue takes you to Singapore, meets landscape gardener Brendan Moar, talks to Karen Hall, co-owner of Tasmania’s jewel, 'Wychwood', falls in love with hydrangeas and takes a peek at the garden of our editor, Robin Powell. We give you the tips to create Phillip Withers' ‘most popular feature’ at the 2014 Australian Garden Show Sydney, and to boost your energy we have the recipe for the famous Ross Family green smoothie!

And there’s lots more. Don’t forget we are taking our garden classes for Garden Clinic members on the road! Linda and Sandra have classes and events from Bulli to the Hills, Erina to Mount Wilson. Check out the schedule on page 16. A huge ‘thank you’ from the team for your kind comments about our new look magazine.