Magazines Winter 2020 Issue

Winter 2020 Issue

Winter 2020 Issue
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Whats inside?

Welcome to your exciting new issue of the Garden Clinic Journal.We think it’s a beauty so it is with sadness that we tell you that after 17 years working together on the Garden Clinic Journal we are moving on. This is our last issue as the editorial team.

We have loved bringing you stories of inspiring gardens both here in Australia and overseas - so many gardens, so many great ideas, gorgeous plant combinations, and wow design moments!

We have met and introduced you to some wonderful people -scientists, artists, writers, designers, plant breeders, plant collectors and plant nerds - who care about plants and gardens as much as we do.

We have shared our garden experience with you, offering tips for everything from growing edibles and ornamentals, building better soil and making compost and designing spaces to love to pickling the harvest and baking from the garden.

Your enthusiasm has inspired us to be constantly learning and searching out new information to share and new people to meet.

We are very grateful to have been able to share our passion for everything garden with you and we thank you for your always positive feedback.

We also thank our wonderful contributors and the plant people who have generously shared their passion, knowledge and skills with us.

Garden Clinic is taking on a new shape into the future, so stay tuned.

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