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Winter 2021 Issue

Winter 2021 Issue

What's inside?

Welcome to your Winter Garden Clinic Journal.

Another season to test the fortitude of gardeners, I won’t repeat the weather we’ve had to endure over recent months, other than to say in tough times gardeners become more resilient and resourceful. Most importantly, retaining a positive attitude is paramount to observe which plants failed, which garden beds need additional support, what trees required assistance, and what vegetables succeeded. Write them all down in back pages of your Journal for future reference.

This issue is packed with people to meet; inspirational, creative high achievers in gardening and horticulture. Charlotte Webb helped start a new botanic garden, Barbara Landsberg runs a unique garden design business, Michael McCoy take us all to Italy, Claire Bickle journey’s to the New England and Sandra introduces Highfield, the work of David Kennedy, a garden extraordinaire.

Sandra has tips for those with a passion for lilies and I announce the new rose releases. In the kitchen garden we show how to grow snow peas, potted strawberries, rhubarb and asparagus.

The revolution in battery powered electric tools is explained by Tony Matson and we answer your Garden Clinic questions.

A reminder to all our listeners, if you’re missing the Garden Clinic Radio Show on your station or you’re holidaying in Australia or overseas you can listen on your mobile phone or computer by getting the ‘listen to app’ from Once installed, you can listen anywhere, in the garden, in the car or on holidays. From our 2GB research we know thousands join us each weekend listening from somewhere around Australia and the world.