Podcasts It takes a village....

It takes a village....

In their new book ‘The Village’, Matt and Lentil describe connecting to your village may just bring the good health, happiness and longevity you seek. Connecting to a simpler way of life where we rely on each other is one of the secrets to the world’s blue zones - areas where health, happiness and longevity are at their highest points on the planet. It’s about nurturing and being nurtured, it’s for everyone who wants to share with the ones you love.

Through their insta page and books Matt and Lentil inspire a new generation to start fermenting, baking sourdough, grow a veggie garden from scratch and cook nourishing wholesome recipes from delicious seasonal ingredients.

Connect with Matt and Lentil through Instagram @grownandgathered And do grab the book. I loved ‘all the Nonna’s Stale Cake’ recipe and my kids loved the eggplant and chickpea lasagne! Linda x

Podcast by: Linda Ross

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