• Hungry Bin 180 litre worm farm

    • Hungry Bin 180 litre worm farm
    • Hungry Bin 180 litre worm farm
    • Hungry Bin 180 litre worm farm
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    Wormlovers have created the Hungry Bin – the modern wonder of worm farms!

    The Hungry Bin is a continuous flow system, which makes it more efficient than worm farms that use stacked trays. The unique shape of the bin creates a large surface area, allowing the worms to easily access the food scraps at the top – they’re surface feeders after all – allowing them to process more waste, more quickly. The tapered sides encourages the worms to stay on the surface, while compressing their castings below.
    Harvesting castings does not involve any heavy, messy lifting. The floor of the bin just clips off, allowing around 4 litres of castings to break away at the bottom of the taper. Removing the castings is a relatively clean process and the castings are largely free of worms.
    The lid is at a comfortable operating height, and convenient to open and close. Tight fitting, it prevents pests from entering but has sufficient venting to create healthy airflow. The Hungry Bin even has wheels, making moving the bin light work.
    Delivery Information:
    Prices exclude delivery. Product will be drop shipped via Australia Post from the supplier direct. You will be required to sign for the parcel, if you are not home the post officer will leave notice to collect at your nearest post office.

    Unfortunately the supplier cannot predict what day the delivery will arrive, please email info@wormlovers.com.au if you would like tracking details. Deliveries take between 2-5 days from order, depending where in Australia you are and what day you order.

    Supplier will not deliver worms in very hot weather - consistently over 30 degrees - as they may die in transit. If you live somewhere hot let us know and we can advise on your delivery.



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