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Growing an Indoor Jungle

Indoor plants are clever things. They filter toxins from our homes to create healthy and happy green rooms for us to live within.

Lauren Camilleri has a degree in interior architecture and graphic design in her bones and a love for foliage, she lives for matching the right plant with the nook where it can live its best life. Her fave plant is Monstera delicosa (aka swiss cheese plant) obvs, those graphic glossy leaves are a designers dream. But it's definitely not a case of style over substance with this beauty, they're also robust and delightfully low maintenance.

Lauren and her best friend Sophie Kaplan have written a book about indoor plants and indoor plant people. It’s simply brilliant. And the photos by Luisa Brimble are as always heavenly and inspiring.

Growing plants indoors is not always easy so host of the show, Landscape Architect and plantswoman, Linda Ross chats to Lauren about all aspects of growing thriving indoor plants: water, light and temperature requirements; common ailments; favourite plants + plants for light, dark or misty rooms and the best plants to hang from shelves. They bond over their crazy love or Alocasia and Mexican mistletoe and chat about having weekly showers - WITH THEIR PLANTS!!!

Connect with Lauren on insta @leaf_supply. Order her book ‘Leaf Supply’ or take delivery of your own special indoor plant though her website www.leaf-supply.com.

Connect with Linda on insta @linda_kirin_ross


Have a planty question?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to the Garden Clinic to help with ailing plants (indoors included) @gardenclinicclub on social media, or call the helpline on 1300 133 100

Podcast by: Linda Ross

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