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The Garden Clinic Journal is our official quarterly and seasonal publication of the Garden Clinic Club since 1982. With 400 pages of great gardening advice every year, it's no wonder we're looking forward to another 30+ years of helpful and friendly information for garden lovers.

In each journal you'll find seasonal tips in Sandra's garden; step by step details for practical jobs; tips, ideas and plants featured each month; Graham's great plants; Feature gardens from Australia and throughout the world; Plant and design notes; Ross Family favourites; Plant clinic's and pruning specials; Plant care calendars; Home Grown - growing fruit and vegetables; Delicious - cooking recipes; Fixes - Garden Clinic solutions to everyday garden problems; GC member letters; Success stories - your horticultural triumphs; What's New - products and news for garden lovers; Meet our Members - the garden of the season and a new personalised and interactive journal format.

If you're already a member of the Garden Clinic, click on a journal cover below and download a copy.