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It's time to... It's time to... Jobs to do this week. Checklist. Chores. Time to get busy in the garden. Plants Plants We love plants, there's no doubt about it. We're mad about them. Here we focus on the joy and beauty they bring whilst giving you the tips and tricks to help them thrive. Ask Us! Ask Us! Stumped? Let us help you solve it. Fix it quick with our handy guides, helpful clues and bugwatch tips. Stars of the season Stars of the season Meet our stars of the season, meet the drama queens, the show girls, the plants we have-to-have. Delicious Delicious Delicious recipes from our kitchen with a focus on homegrown garden produce. What's more to life than to grow, cook, share and eat! How to... How to... If you've ever asked... How do I do it? Then this section's for you. Full of step-by-step information to make the job easier. Projects to fill your weekends. Home Grown Home Grown In the kitchen garden we strive to grow delicious vegetables, fruit and herbs. Garden grown nutrients that contribute to our health and well-being. Here you'll find the lowdown on our favourite varieties, seasonal advice and growing tips. The List The List Everyone loves a list. From what to do now, to the best gardens to visit, to the happiest plants for a sunny spot to the finest frangipani to collect or the weirdest plants to grow. If we love it, we'll list it. Small Spaces Small Spaces Short of room but big on ideas, this section gives you inspiration in the potted garden In the shed In the shed Must-have products, tools and toys to make the job easier. We'll debunk the myths and give you the practical knowledge you need when choosing sprays, fertiliser, pruners and secateurs. Trust our lifetime of experience. Inspired Inspired Creative endeavors with a planty focus. Sculpture, art, drawings and music inspired by the botanic world provide such pleasure and richness to our day. Meet Meet Meet our green-blooded friends. Plant lovers, plant breeders, garden designers, botanic artists, to collectors, garden owners and garden industry elders. Be inspired by these passionate planty folk. Garden Design Garden Design Awesome garden design ideas to help you with the look of your garden. Create the look you always dreamed of... coastal, cottage, tropical, wild, meadow, wild and Mediterranean. Don't be limited by your imagination. Techniques Techniques The what, why, when and how of growing a gorgeous garden. From lawn care, to soil, secateur maintenance, propagation, seasonal jobs, mulching, pruning, and compost. Its finally time to stop reading and get dirty. Read It Read It Books on our bedside table. Be inspired by passionate gardeners around the globe and the stories they tell. C'mon! Its time to light the fire and curl up with a good book. Flowers in Focus Flowers in Focus Make pretty pictures with plants at different times of the year. Bring the outside in, pull out the dusty vases and be delighted with the beauty of Mother Nature. Travel Travel Travel to the world's most beautiful gardens in the comfort of the click and no need for an airfare. Garden Visit Garden Visit We love the privilege and joy of wandering through someone elses (!) garden: oh the pure pleasure it brings! Here we open up the world of garden shows, open gardens, festivals, botanic gardens, private spaces and nurseries that are on our must-see list. Don't miss our garden road trip itineraries... just bring a thermos and friend!