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Making Magic

Podcast by: Linda Ross
Linda Ross chats to special guest Peter Thorburn from Honeysuckle Garden ( They discuss the secrets to a happy healthy garden and a simple way of preventing plant pests whilst attracting local wildlife and beneficial insects.

With over 40 years of nursery experience, Peter has created a stable of three sensational garden centres in Sydney Australia and came across an organic magic mix that Linda says will not only make plants jump out of their skins but will also prevent pest problems long term. They now want to share it with you!

Magic Mix Recipe: -make-up-a-magic-mix

Add to 1 litre of water

3ml Eco-Oil

2ml Eco-Neem

5ml Eco-Aminogro

Add a pinch seaweed during summer months only

Spray weekly for the garden including natives and vegetables (except African violets) but you could do fortnightly or monthly depending on your available time.

Magic Mix will help eliminate small bodied pests including aphids, caterpillars, thrips, mites, citrus leaf miner.

Products can be purchased online from

A 8L or 20L Swagman Sprayer makes it easier to spray the Magic Mix on your garden. Remember to spray both top and underside of leaves until dripping.

Linda and Peter also reflect on present plant nursery trends like the Instagram sensation of 2018 - The Money Plant also known as Pilea peperomioides and succulents in general.

  • The popularity of succulents like the crassula - jade plant and blue buddha
  • Queen of the Night cactus (Epiyphyllum oxypetalum)

Hoya and tough plants that thrive on neglect (

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Author: Linda Ross