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August Jobs

Daffodil displays are the prize in August.

It's time to get out there and enjoy them.


August is daffodil time. Photo - Robin Powell


Check out the daffodils at Blue Mountains Botanic Gardens Mount Tomah, where there are more than 75 cultivars planted in the Brunet Garden, then head further west to Rydal, the little village that celebrates daffodils big-time!

Lawn developed mossy patches? The moss is a sure sign of soil compaction. Use the tines of the garden fork to aerate the soil, and then water with liquid lime to reduce the acidity of the soil and improve the uptake of nutrients.

Green the lawn up fast with Yates Dynamic Lifter Concentrated Lawn Food, which includes organic matter to nurture and improve soil, as well as fast-acting ingredients to promote lush green growth.

Use winter’s down-time to clean the shed, and wash, disinfect and sharpen your tools.

Keep bees fed through winter by ensuring your garden always has some flowers available.Cover gaps opened up by pruning or the disappearance of herbaceous plants by sowing seed or planting seedlings of quick-growing alyssum. Keep the plants growing strongly with fortnightly feeds of compost tea or your favourite foliar fertiliser.

Sow seed of tomatoes either where they are to grow, or if there is still a chance of frosts, into seed raising mix undercover. Enrich the soil with compost and Dynamic Lifter, Seamungus or Rooster Booster before planting out

Feed roses as they start to burst into spring growth.

As the season changes give fruit trees a feed of Neutrog Gygantic, which is a pelleted fertiliser with an organic base of manure, seaweed, kelp, fish, humates, lucerne and rock phosphate, which has phosphate, potassium sulphate, iron sulphate and magnesium sulfate added for a complete diet of essential elements.

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