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Book review: ​Yates Garden Guide 43 edition

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Yates Garden Guide 43 edition

When Arthur Yates wrote the first Yates Garden Guide in 1895 there were 100 seed companies competing for business in Sydney alone. Gardeners then clearly had more experience with seed-raising than most of us, and they worked in gardens that were much more separate from their houses than are ours. Our idea of bringing the garden inside is opening wide the glass doors that provide the only barrier between inside and outside. Back then bringing the garden inside meant gathering a bouquet from the cutting garden, picking dinner from the vegetable patch or placing a potted aspidistra and a parlour palm in the dimness of the front room. The new edition of this historic garden guide gives a potted history of our lives in the garden as well as the usual invaluble and practical advice about how to grow a healthy garden.


Published by HarperCollins, rrp $39.95

Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross