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Book review: Paul Bangay's Guide to Plants


This eye-catching companion to Paul Bangay’s Garden Design Handbook, showcases Paul’s A-list botanical favourites and tells how to keep them happy in the garden. Gardens designed by Paul Bangay are renown for their elegant proportions, careful use of materials and inspired choice of exotic planting. There are plenty of simple and effective combinations showcased too. In one garden, perfectly pruned box hedging frames billowing beds of perennials; in another, olive trees emerge from an undergrowth of rosemary against a dramatic coastal landscape .There's pictorial inspiration to get you outside and redesigning your garden, and the book is also peppered with Paul's anecdotes about which plants have worked bet over the years. All of which makes an enjoyable read for the summer break.

Published by Penguin Lantern $59.95

Text: Linda Ross

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Author: Linda Ross