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Bug Watch: Bronze orange bugs

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Bronze orange bugs are nasty pests that suck sap from young shoots, fruit and flowers of citrus trees. The nymphs of bronze orange bug are green and the pests darken in colour as they age. Young, green bronze orange bugs are susceptible to regular spraying of PestOil or EcoOil, which both work by smothering the pests’ breathing holes. Unfortunately gardeners generally only notice the bugs in summer, when they are fully coloured adults. The adult bugs respond to attack by squirting an evil-smelling, staining chemical. For control, don protective glasses and gloves, pick the bugs off by hand and drop them into a bucket of hot water. Alternatively you may spray with Confidor, which is only recommended for ornamental citrus, or with Yates Folimat.

Text: Libby Cameron

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Author: Libby Cameron