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​Bug Watch: Woolly aphids


Photo - The Lifestyle Channel

These insects are 2-4 mm in length, pear-shaped and often covered with white waxy filaments that give a fluffy appearance, as though they are covered with wool. They occur on many hardwoods and conifers including elm, silver maple, ash, alder, apple and pear.They feed on leaves, buds, twigs, and bark, as well as on the roots. Symptoms of feeding include twisted and curled leaves, yellowed foliage, poor plant growth, low plant vigour, and branch dieback.

Woolly aphid is soft-bodied and likes high humidity so opening up trees to increase airflow will help control the pest. Spiders are also effective in woolly aphid management. Soap sprays such as Natrasoap, can remove the aphid's protective wax coating, making other control strategies more effective. The pest can be sprayed with Eco-Oil, Confidor, Conquer or MaxGuard.


Text: Linda Ross

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