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Garden Sculpture


Make your garden indisputably your own realm by the way you choose and use sculpture and ornament within it. 

Linda has some ideas for expressing humour, passion and personality in your garden.



Choose a sculpture that fits with the style of your garden and your personality. Sculpture can be bold, funny, stylish, antique, quirky, shocking or temporary, bringing another layer to the garden, creating atmosphere and individual meaning. Sculpture can be bought, recycled, sculpted, carved, fashioned or found.



Use your own creativity to design your own. Consider using recycled objects, clay, metal, stone, timber or rocks.


Willy-wagtails, honeyeaters and blue wrens are some of Australia's favourite little garden birds. Willie Wildlife's designs add interest to any garden setting. The designs are ideal for courtyards, blaconies and table centrepieces both indoors and outdoors, and for garden beds, like the wrens pictured here. Phone Will on 0419409636 or go to for more information. Photo - Linda Ross



Found items could include old farm machinery, a piece of driftwood or a row of smooth stones. Found items have associated personality and history, adding to the overall character of the garden.



Sculpture makes the garden personal and unique. It can create quick focal points and spice up dark corners. Sculpture can finish off a vista or be a surprise along the way. It can be brazen and obvious placed for all to see, or hidden away to be found by those who really look.


This living grass sculpture of a reclining nude woman with mirror tiles on half her face and Stipa tenuissima as hair is one way of growing a living sculpture in tune with nature. This one was constructed in the '4head garden of dreams' garden at CHelsea Flower Show 2006. Photo - Linda Ross



Tap into the spiritual world with sculpture that has meaning. Before placing an item of religious or spiritual significance, understand its inherent meaning. Find out where it came from and learn about the placement of such an article. Items such as a Buddha carving or a Japanese stone lantern have purpose and implication. Getting this right will mean you don’t offend visitors to the garden or create negative energy within it.


Text: Linda Ross

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