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How to: grow mushrooms

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What to do

1. Place your mushroom kit in a cool (14 - 22C) place … kitchen cupboard, garage or laundry.

2. When the growing medium is white-grey, prepare the casing material (contents of smaller bag inside the kit).

3. Fold the plastic liner over the sides of the box and level off the surface of the medium. Evenly sprinkle a cup of water over the casing. Evenly spread the wetted casing (contents of the smaller plastic bag) over the top of the levelled medium.

4. Do not water again until mushroom pinheads are the size of a pea (in about three weeks) then water gently to keep the casing moist.

5. Pick by twisting the mushrooms out of bed. After picking first crop, sprinkle over a cupful of water on two successive days, then stop until the new pinheads are again the size of a pea, and repeat the process for a second crop.

6. When the medium is spent and no mushrooms appear for two weeks, use the contents, which are rich in nutrients, as garden fertiliser.


Text: Linda Ross

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