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How to: grow sprouts

Photo - Linda Ross

The garden gang grow lunch

Skye, Eden and Isla are growing their own sprouts to add to sandwiches and salads. 


It’s easy and delicious and really impresses mum!

What you need

a saucer

peas, cress or alfalfa seeds

cotton wool or paper towel

water (in a spray bottle would be ideal)


What to do

1 Rinse the saucer.

2 Place the cotton wool or paper towel in the saucer.

3 Spray water on the cotton wool or paper towel.

4 Sprinkle the seeds onto the cotton wool or paper towel.


5 Lightly spray the seeds with water.

6 Check the seed packet for instructions as some seeds need light while others need darkness to germinate. If the packet says the seeds need light, put the saucer in a brightly lit spot. If they need darkness to germinate, cover the seeds with paper or paper towel and put them in a warm but dark spot until they germinate.

7 Gently spray the seeds daily until they are ready to eat.

8 After three days you should see the seeds grow and after five to eight days most should be ready to eat! Rinse the sprouts well before eating.

9 Eat!! You can eat your sprouts in a sandwich or on a biscuit with Vegemite or cheese.

10 You can also create great healthy recipes with mum or dad by adding sprouts to soups, salads, pasta dishes, pancakes and stir fries.

To make your seeds even more nutritious or healthy, place them in the sun for a few hours before you eat them! Make sure nobody else eats them before you!


Text: Isla Barlow

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