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How to: grow strawberries from seed


Strawberry seed packet holds well over 100 seeds and with a recommended retail price of $3.50 its the most economical way to grow your strawberries. 

One fun way of growing strawberries is in a hanging basket. Hanging baskets filled with strawberries not only look good, but allow the fruit to stay well clear of the ground. This means that they're much less likely to suffer from pests and diseases.

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Start by choosing a suitable container. Fill the pot or basket with top quality potting mix. Mix in some controlled release fertiliser. Water well. When the excess water has drained from the pot, sow the seeds on the surface. Sprinkle a very thin layer of Seed Raising Mix on top and firm down. Water gently with a soft spray. After the strawberry seedlings have emerged, begin watering them regularly with half strength Thrive soluble fertiliser. When the plants are big enough to handle, transplant the excess and leave a suitable number in the pot. Keep feeding the strawberries with Thrive or Aquasol every two weeks until the plants are thick and bushy. Then change over to Thrive Flower & Fruit. This will encourage the development of flowers and, ultimately, fruit.



Text: Linda Ross

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