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How to: make a garden-grown smoothie


Graham and his super-food-green-smoothie. Photo - Linda Ross


How do we get through all the greens we grow in the garden? We drink armfuls of them – as a green smoothie for lunch a few times a week. Call it a Ross family secret for more energy and verve! A green smoothie is hydrating, quick, healthy – and delicious, as visitors to the Ross Garden Clinic tent at Australian Garden Show Sydney found. This is our favourite recipe; feel free to tweak it to your own taste – and garden produce.



2 cups of coconut water (or water or cold green tea)

1 cucumber

1 stick of celery

1 apple or pear, chopped (include core and seeds)

1 lemon/lime or mandarin (remove skin but leave a little white pith)

4-10 leaves of washed lettuce

4-10 leaves of washed spinach (in winter use kale)

Fresh mint or parsley




1. Add the coconut water first, then blend in the chopped fruit. Next add the green leaves, pushing them down with the tamper. Add herbs last.

2. As you get comfortable with green smoothies, I suggest working your way up to two cups of leafy greens such as spinach (best for a beginner), kale, spring greens, Swiss chard or romaine lettuce. Then add 1-2 servings of fruit. We use at least two different fruits, such as oranges, blueberries, strawberries and kiwi fruit. For a super-charged smoothie add up to 1⁄4 cup of raw nuts or seeds, and/or super foods such as goji berries, chia seeds, raw cacao, ginger or turmeric.

3. You need a high-powered blender to really pulverise the seeds, core and skin of the fruit, which include micro-nutrients that are important for health. We use a Vitamix (nutri-bullet works well for one).


Kale warning: check with your doctor if you are on blood-thinning medication before you start downing buckets of kale.


Text: Linda Ross

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