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How to: make a painted succulent bowl

Photo - Linda Ross

Succulents can survive long periods of dry weather so they are great plants for people who forget to water! Isla paints up a pot to match a succulent selection.

What you need:

acrylic paints and brushes

bowl or shallow pot

cacti and succulent potting mix

gravel, pebbles or single-coloured marbles



What to do:

Place your bowl or pot on the table with some old newspaper underneath.

Use the acrylic paints to create a pattern or scene to compliment or contrast with your plants. Don’t forget to paint the lip of the pot. Allow the paint to dry before going on to the next step.

Partly fill the bowl with the potting mix, then gently tap the succulents out of their pots and arrange them in the container. Use plants of varying heights with different coloured foliage, texture and habit.

Fill up the spaces with more potting mix, finishing about 1cm from the top. Water in well with a fine rose watering can to wash the soil off the leaves.

Add a layer of decorative pebbles, gravel or marbles to the top of the pot for a super effect.


Great succulents

Succulents come in an amazing range of colours and shapes: jelly beans, roses, cabbages, chalk sticks, coral and rocks! Good choices for this project are aeonium, cotyledon, crassula, echeveria, haworthia, kalanchoe, lithops, pachypodium, sedum, sempervivum, and senecio.


Text: Isla Barlow

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