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How to: make a wreath

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A Christmas wreath made with flowers and foliage from your own garden beats the dazzle of commercial baubles and tinsel! 

In our spring issue we promised the low-down on using the old-fashioned annual celosia to create an eye-catching door wreath to welcome Christmas revellers. Celosia’s scarlet coral-shaped flowers are dramatic, but they are not the only option.

You can use whatever blooms in abundance in your summer garden, including local heroes: gum leaves, gum flowers and everlasting daisies can look sensational. Here’s how to do it.

1. Choose a frame for the wreath. Foam, florist oasis, woven willow or straw will all work. You will also need u-shaped pins, florist tape and string. Plastic water vials acquired from the florist are helpful for a longer lasting wreath.

2. Pick bunches of flowers and glossy green leaves. Lemon, magnolia, bay and camellia all look good; camellia and bay will stay green out of water for the longest. Bundle flowers into bunches comprising three stems and wrap the bunches with florist tape. Flower bunches should be no wider than the wreath. Lay out the flowers to make sure you have enough.

3. Overlap the leaves around the frame to cover it completely. Secure with u-shaped pins or a hot glue gun.

4. The flower bundles can be attached in a number of ways, depending on how long you want the arrangement to last. If a day or two is all you need, simply use pins or a glue gun to secure the flowers. To get a week or two out of the wreath we place each bunch of three stems into a plastic water vial and hide the vials within a woven willow wreath.

5. Spray with water, hang, celebrate!


Text: Linda Ross

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