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How to: make living art

Photo - Linda Ross

Eden, Isla and Skye create cool living sculptures from plants that live on air.


What you need

your choice of tillandsias

stone, rock, shells, sticks, wood or magnet

hot glue or wire (adult supervision is needed)

spray bottle with water (rain water is best)


What to do

Place your base – either a shell, stone, rock, stick, wood or magnet) on the table.

With adult supervision, use a hot glue gun to stick the air plant onto your base. You may want to wire it on instead.

Let the glue set for 10 minutes.

Place living sculpture in a partly shaded spot in the garden, under the pergola, near a water feature, in a tree - or in the house!

Spray once a week with water


How it works

Air plants don’t need any soil as they attach themselves to objects and absorb moisture from the air around them. They can live on rocks, trees, overhead wires and – more fun for us - can be stuck onto walls or boards with glue! They are properly called Tillandsias and they come from Central America. There are many different types with different shapes and colours.


Text: Isla Barlow 

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