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How to: make moss art


Graffiti is so much more appealing when it’s green! Toronto is the home of moss graffiti but we think it’s worth bringing home. 


In fact when we posted about moss wall art our Facebook friends were thrilled. In case you missed that, here’s how to do it.

Photo - Linda Ross

Spring is a good time to get a moss design established before the warmer weather kicks in. Once established it will even survive drought by becoming brown and dormant until the good times return.


1. Collect a good handful of moss.
2. Wash off most of the dirt and place in a blender.
3. Add 1/2 cup of buttermilk and a tablespoon of sugar
4. Add a little lukewarm water and blend until you get a thick, creamy consistency.
5. Choose a position. A wall facing south is beset, so that direct sunshine won’t kill off the moss. Moss grows easily on a vertical surface, but it needs to be porous. Choose brick, wood or concrete. Draw your design onto the wall.
6. Paint the surface with your green ‘paint’.
7. Mist the painted surface everyday and if you have extra mixture, keep it in the fridge to reapply.
8. Continue misting and reapplying moss paint until it begins to establish in about a week. Continue misting to keep the moss and tiny ferns growing happily. To clean off, spray with lime juice to kill the moss and scrape away, ready for a new design. 


Photo - Linda Ross

The designs you can make with moss are only limited by your imagination - and your drawing skill! Worried? Start with something simple.

Text: Linda Ross

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