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How to: rejuvenate the lawn

Photo - Robin Powell


It’s time to refresh tired, stressed turf and transform it into lush, green lawn. 

Some simple attention now will set you up for a weed-free winter and gorgeous spring grass like this at Cruden Farm. Dame Elisabeth Murdoch’s long-time gardening partner, Michael Morrison, looks after the extensive lawns and mows them with a push mower rather than risk compacting the soil with a ride-on.

To get effects like Michael’s, follow these easy steps. 

One more tip: lawn care is a much simpler proposition when you start off with the right turf. We’ve been impressed all over again this summer with our King’s Pride soft leaf buffalo lawn. After a hot summer, house renovations and a heap of human traffic it still looks terrific.


Add water

Water deeply in the early morning. For added lawn repair impact use a liquid wetting agent, such as Yates Waterwise Hose On Soil Saturator or Eco-Hydrate, to penetrate parched, compacted soil. This will encourage new root and shoot growth.


Mow often

A thick, healthy lawn helps suppress weeds: the key is to mow lightly and often rather than hard and infrequently. It sounds like more work, but a light mow is faster and you’ll save time on weeding. So raise the mower blades and if you must spray for weeds, always use the correct product. Yates Buffalo Pro Hose-On is an easy-to-use, selective weed killer that is safe for buffalo and other common lawn types.


Feed now

As lawns recover they need nutrition to support strong, new growth. A fertiliser that releases over time is best for lawns. Munns Golf Course Green Granulated Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser is an advanced lawn food that can be used year-round on all lawn types. To settle fertilisers in always give the whole lawn a good watering after application. 


Text: Robin Powell

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