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It's time to: April


Plant an easy-to-grow pomegranate and enjoy the fruit as juice or as arils in sweet or savoury salads.

Plant garlic by pushing cloves into the soil to a thumb’s depth.

Plant a carpet of miniature bedding cyclamen in dappled shade under a tree or shrub for vibrant colour and perfume through to winter.

Plant a salad bar of lettuce.


Divide clivea, agapanthus, mondo and dianella.


Move evergreen shrubs.


Remove the spent bottle-brush flowers of melaleuca. Cut the flowers behind the seedpod formation. This trim will create better-shaped and longer-living trees.


Deadhead roses, perennials and dahlias to prolong flowering.

Pull out 

Pull out summer crops to make way for winter vegetables. Loosen the soil, top dress with manure and dig in blood and bone.


Use derris dust or Success on cabbage seedlings to prevent cabbage moth damage.

Spread coffee grounds, eggshells or wood shavings to prevent snails.


Rake up autumn leaves, bag with a handful of blood and bone, leave for three months then use as super-powered mulch.


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Author: Linda Ross