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It's time to: August


Prune fuchsias to encourage new spring growth. Wait until frosts are over then remove dead and twiggy stems, and prune back to a healthy bud.

Prune orange trees after fruiting and feed with citrus food

Fuchsias need a good haircut now. 


Prepare vegie beds for summer produce. For summer’s fruiting vegetables we use sulphate of potash, blood and bone, dolomite and Dynamic Lifter as per the ratio on the back on the packet. Dig in and leave two weeks before planting out seedlings.


Grevilleas and bottlebrush need regular trimming. Forget this at your peril. This will help the longevity of your shrubs and contain them so you can see the flowers.


Take cuttings of frangipani. Plant two in the same whole for a multicoloured rainbow tree.

Take hardwood cuttings of waratah.


Discard strawberry plants that are more than three years old. Prune all others back hard. Cut runners and replant. Feed.


Clean out the compost bins, and spread contents over garden beds.


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Author: Linda Ross