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It's time to: December


Hang mosquito netting over tomatoes to protect developing fruit from fruit fly.


Celebrate the evening flowers of queen of the night jungle cactus. For best flowering offer morning or dappled sun only, warm shade and support for the arching stems.


Repot orchids, if you haven’t done it for a few years – get it done before Christmas.


Propagate camellias from cuttings.


Feed frangipani and citrus now; and continue to liquid feed vegetables every two weeks for maximum yields.


Prune wisteria, bougainvillea and spring-flowering shrubs such as abelia, may bush, philadelphus and deutzia, by taking thicker branches off at ground level. This will allow to the soft new canes to arch elegantly.


Check moisture content of garden soil: water deeply, especially for tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and roses.

Tie up 

Tie up tomatoes and cucumbers as they grow.


Dig up, divide and replant large clumps of bearded iris. Don’t bury them too deep as they need the sun on their tuber roots to spur flowering. Remove dead central roots and replant the rest into well-conditioned soil.

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Author: Linda Ross